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Dec 8, 2017

World Leaders Are Embracing Bitcoin

Bitcoin has made headlines in the past week as the value skyrockets. How are world leaders responding to the cryptocurrency? In an article from Business Insider, author James Stafford writes,…

Dec 1, 2017

Using The Right Data to Align Your Products & Services

While raw data is readily accessible in today’s modern world, not every business uses data to enhance a customer’s experience. Businesses can use data to align your products and services….

Nov 16, 2017

How Can Ecommerce Owners Use the Latest Trends to Their Benefit?

Customers are beginning to expect personalized shopping experiences. Using the latest consumer  trends, ecommerce companies will be able to grow their businesses. In an article from Entrepreneur, author Thomas Smale…

Nov 8, 2017

Breaking Down the New Tax Reform Proposal – Alimony

As we continue our effort to break down the details of the proposed new tax law, we would like to focus on the changes affecting alimony payments.   Under the…

Nov 7, 2017

Breaking Down the New Tax Reform Proposal – 529 Plans

We’ve all been inundated lately with articles about the proposed new tax law. The information seems to be endless. So, we thought it would be helpful to periodically point out…

Nov 2, 2017

Important Changes for Both Businesses and Individuals in the New House Tax Bill

On Thursday, House Republican leadership continued their efforts for tax reform, presenting a new tax bill containing a wide variety of changes for both business and individual tax rates, writes…

Oct 26, 2017

Social Security Administration Announces 2018 Policy Adjustments

On October 13, 2017, the Social Security Administration (SSA) publicized a number of policy adjustments that will go into effect for 2018. The changes include the following: The maximum amount…

Oct 19, 2017

5 Types of Digital Fraud Impacting Online Retailers

As businesses migrate online, cybercrime is beginning to expand. Not only is digital fraud impacting online stores, the process of how hackers penetrate databases in evolving. In an article from…

Oct 12, 2017

Is Disruptive Technology Damaging Business?

Disruptive technology is on the verge of taking over the business world. For those businesses that are not ready for such an impact, could disruptive technology wind up damaging business…

Oct 5, 2017

Inspiring Culture and Influencing Engagement Within the Workplace

Engaged employees will go above and beyond what they are asked to complete. While engaged employees take business to new heights, getting employees engaged can be challenging. In an article…