Partner Emeritus

Bruce J. Roth

“I don’t like to think of myself as a typical CPA. My goal is to think creatively and be proactive in my day-to-day interactions with my colleagues and clients. In the end, I want to go above and beyond for everyone I serve.”
Bruce’s vCard

Bruce began working at Louis T. Roth & Co. in 1970, although his father started the firm years before and had him doing bookkeeping and clerical jobs at the age of 10. He serves as a trusted advisor to his clients. With 40-plus years of experience, his expertise is an invaluable asset to individuals and businesses. As Partner Emeritus, he has experience in general business consulting, tax consulting, and financial and retirement planning. Bruce primarily serves clients in the medical and real estate fields.

Beyond his client responsibilities, Bruce assists in overseeing the overall operation of the firm. He plays an integral role in the firm’s day-to-day functions, as well as its strategic decisions. Bruce helps guide the firm on matters such as policy setting, problem solving and daily decision making.

Before joining the firm, Bruce worked at Arthur Andersen & Co. in its Small Business division, headquartered in Chicago. His prior experience and hands-on knowledge from his career at Louis T. Roth & Co. allow him to offer a complete and dedicated perspective to the firm’s clients. During his leadership tenure at Louis T. Roth, Bruce has helped the firm stay true to its roots by developing expert resources with a personalized touch.

True to the old adage, “Like father, like son,” Bruce followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming an accountant. His father showed him the true meaning of working hard and taking responsibility for his work and family. Bruce learned much from his father by watching him work and learning how he dealt with clients. He attributes his success to his strong work ethic and family support.

Bruce resides in Louisville with his wife, Marcia. Marcia is the Executive Director of the Mary Byron Project, which is a national charitable organization dedicated to fostering innovations and strategies to end domestic violence. The couple has three children and six grandchildren. Bruce has a passion for traveling; his favorite destinations include Angel Falls in Venezuela and Iguazu Falls in South America. In addition, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family and friends, playing a round of golf or listening to music.

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