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Louis T. Roth & Co. PLLC

Life at Louis T. Roth & Co.

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Life at Louis T. Roth & Co.

At Louis T. Roth & Co. we offer our team members a warm, friendly work environment with challenging work projects motivated by imagination and enthusiasm. Furthermore, you will have the chance to look forward to coming into work every day to a beautiful and relaxed office.

Take a look at some of the advantages a career with Louis T. Roth & Co. can offer you:

An environment promoting and enabling a healthy work/life balance

Although we work hard, quality of life is a top priority and is promoted throughout the year. We help our team members enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career while continuously emphasizing the importance of maintaining an active family and personal life. We offer flexible accommodations for your unique situation.

A commitment to the personal and professional development of all our team members

Personal and professional growth opportunities are provided by Louis T. Roth & Co.’s first-rate staff development program. We are actively involved with your training and development, and assist you with managing your continuing professional education. As your career with us matures, you will have an opportunity to specialize in a service niche, if you choose to do so. Your future is in your hands at Louis T. Roth & Co.!

An opportunity to work with a large variety of clients

When you join Louis T. Roth & Co., you will play an integral role in client engagements from the start. We will provide you with real challenges, direct interaction with clients, and leadership opportunities – so you can hit the ground running. You will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries. The diversity of projects you will experience will help you and your clients.

Direct interaction with Louis T. Roth & Co.’s partners, client executives and management

Our team’s experience, expertise and business acumen are our greatest assets – and we want you to learn from them! We encourage our team members to participate in on-site client visits and meet with clients face-to-face. Our partners maintain an open-door policy and are always available to answer questions.

Advanced technology and communication systems

At Louis T. Roth & Co., our commitment to advanced technology and ongoing education sets us apart from other firms. We constantly seek to improve our systems – by enhancing the efficiency of our business and information-sharing processes. If you are looking for a leading-edge firm to start your future, Louis T. Roth & Co. is a great choice.

Rewards and benefits

At Louis T. Roth & Co., your hard work is appreciated and recognized. We have assembled a highly competitive compensation package to reward our employees for their efforts, commitment and expertise which includes:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Comprehensive medical and life insurance coverage
  • Ample paid time off
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Advanced technology and communication systems
  • Profit Sharing and 401-k Plan Participation
  • Flexible Medical Spending Plan
  • Cafeteria Plan
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Reward for Successful Completion of CPA Exam
  • Assistance in Paying For Costs of Studying For CPA Exam
  • Flexible work schedules

Start your career path today!